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    Wildfly Slimming.


      I am trying to slim down Wildfly 10.1, I am trying to get rid of extensions I dont need.

      Will this affect memory/performance?


      Also is there any other aspects I could cut down on in the Wildfly Setup to gain on memory and performance?.

      Please kindly guide.

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          When you disable/remove any service, the classes are not loaded into memory and services do not start. To slim down the services from standalone-*.xml file, comment/remove the extension of the service and its subsystem.

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            Thanks for replying Priyanka.

            I already did that.

            Is there anything more I can do to lessen the footprint? similar process to removing extensions from standalone.xml ?

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              No, if you would like to reduce the JBoss process size, you can consider to reduce the max heap size or perm/metaspace size. However, that needs monitoring of memory usage and accordingly you can reduce the size. Reducing the heap or perm/metaspace value to very low could cause outofmemory:heap/perm/metaspace error though.