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    Modeshape delete node and recover space on File system


      I'm using Modeshape 5.4.0 with File system persistence. I'm storing all the subsequent files/resources in this particular node (/uploads) which is of type "nt:folder". I deleted all the nodes in the /uploads node by using the below code.


       public void deleteNode(String path) {
          try {
              JcrTools jcrTools = new JcrTools(false);
              NodeIterator iter = session.getNode(path).getNodes();
              while (iter.hasNext()) {
                  Node child = iter.nextNode();
                    if(!child.getName().contains("jcr:system")) { 
          } catch (Exception e) {



      But when I see my persistence folder size it's still the same and never reduces even when I delete huge files (~1-2 GB). Later I read somewhere that Modeshape has a garbage collector which runs periodically. How do I trigger this GC manually? Am I deleting the nodes in the right manner? Please help.

      My config JSON is as follows

      "name": "TestRepository",
      "node-types": ["custom-props.cnd"],
      "jndiName": "jcr/TestRepo",
      "monitoring": {
         "enabled": true
      "workspaces": {
         "default": "defaultWorkspace",
         "predefined": ["otherWorkspace"],
         "allowCreation": true
      "storage": {
         "persistence": {
         "type": "file",
         "path": "D:\\repository"
         "binaryStorage": {
         "type": "file",
         "directory": "D:\\repository\\binaries",
         "trash": "D:\\repository\\binaries\\trash"
      "garbageCollection": {
         "initialTime": "11:46",
         "intervalInHours": 1



      Even after specifying initial time and interval, my GC never runs.