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    ejb Deployment Descriptor

    Gordon Luk Newbie

      Hi all,

      I just try to code a ejb (myejb.java [remote], myejbBean.java [bean], myejbHome [Home]), now i want pack it, so i need ejb-jar.xml... i also a lazy man, so that i want generate DD automaticly...

      i read from online doc, and forum message, i know jboss don't come with gui/text DD generator. Mostly, guy also use the xdoclet (ant). I also try xdoclet , but it don't work , even build the sample code (come from xdoclet), sure, i also following the readme.txt , grep all nessary jar to lib directory, it return ***parser.xx...xx..xx*** error...

      Anybody know where can find the xdoclet 'step by step'. or suggest other one GUI DD generator? Thanks.