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    SSL configuration for messaging

    Alexander Rühl Newbie

      We are using Webshere MQ 8 as a client in a WildFly 9 by deploying the related RAR file.

      Now we have the requirement to use SSL and present a client certificate. We got the certificate from the MQ server side in form of a keystore file.

      The WildFly already uses SSL and keystores for other parts of the application.


      Now, my question is where and how do I have to configure that SSL and the specific keystore should be used for JMS via the resource adapter?

      I assume that it has something to do with the security realms which can be configured in the standalone config file, but I wasn't able to find documentation or examples on how to do it.

      I guess providing the VM parameter for keystore/truststore/cipher is not appropriate, since it should only be used for JMS and should not influence the other parts using SSL already.



      [Remark: I already posted somthing related on SO, but it had a broader scope: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46983191/use-specific-keystore-for-jms]