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    How can I automate deployment by having JBoss constantly check Artifactory for a new artifact?

    Andy Cos Newbie

      I'm sure there are more efficient ways to go about this...but due to restrictions/obligations of my particular setup, I'm curious if there's a way for me to automate deployment of an EAR in this way. I have a server with JBoss, and I have an EAR that is being generated/placed in a repository within artifactory, then I want to have my JBoss server automatically update itself whenever that EAR is updated.


      I'm very new to all of this, so please let me know if there is relevant terminology I could google to help myself with this process, or if I could be asking this question in a better way. Any info is very helpful, so thank you in advance! I was told that I might be able to use an "a jboss deployment agent"??? (not completely sure what that is...)


      Note: I have to use JBoss 6.4.5