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    Agent Not Picking Up JBoss AS Instance

    Christopher Bynum Newbie

      I am installing and configuring JON. I have run into a situation where an agent is running on a machine, and it is able to pull data from other resources, but can not connect to the JBoss AS instance. I have ensured that I am pointing to the correct directory for the AS as well. If you have any ideas on how I can address this please let me know.

      The Agent was unable to connect to the ResourceType[id=500082, category=Server, name=JBossAS Server, plugin=JBossAS] managed resource using the supplied connection properties. Please check that the connection properties are correct and that the managed resource on the agent machine is online. Unable to connect to managed resource of type 'JBossAS Server' using the specified connection properties - resource will not be added to inventory. Failed to start component for resource Resource[id=0, type=JBossAS Server, key=/opt/jboss/xx/server/default, name=xxx JBossAS 4.0.3SP1 default (7005), version=4.0.3SP1]. - Cause: java.lang.Exception:Unable to connect to JBoss Server -> org.mc4j.ems.connection.EmsConnectException:Could not connect [jnp://] org.mc4j.ems.connection.ConnectionException: Necessary classes not found for remote connection, check installation path configuration. -> org.mc4j.ems.connection.ConnectionException:Necessary classes not found for remote connection, check installation path configuration. -> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory

      Sometimes I've also seen..

      An unexpected error occurred in the Agent. Failed to add resource with type [JBossAS Server] and parent resource id [500864]. - Cause: java.lang.NullPointerException:null