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    Control Deployment Ordering of SAR Modules inside EAR - Wildfly 11.0.0 Final

    Dharmendra Gaddibhukta Newbie

      Packed Inside our EAR File , WAR and SAR applications are packed up. We could not control the ordering of execution of SAR applications inside EAR.

      application.xml does not support SAR modules to initialize in order. The only file i have is jboss-app.xml and tried putting it in the order and it doesn't deploy in the order we want.

      Is there any article or documentation which explains to deploy SAR and WAR in the order we define ?

      I have also tried Singleton Beans by annotating them @postconstruct and registering them via JMX . Even this way as well i couldn't manage the order of deployment.

      Can anybody help us ?

      BTW i am deploying the EAR on wildfly-11.0.0.Final version.