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    Mod Cluster load balancer sends a 2nd, empty, request after ping timeout

    David Shifrin Newbie

      Thank you in advance for reading this.


      I have a Wildfly 9.0.2 domain with 2 mod cluster load balancers in front of my 4 application servers. We have sticky sessions set to true. I have noticed the following behavior:


      User logs into application and is "stuck" to server X

      All future requests go to server X.

      Then on a page that has a lot of details to save user clicks the submit

      This specific click also lands on server X.  Server X makes a request to a webservice to do the work. This work takes almost 11 seconds to accomplish, I have my Ping set to 10. I notice that a second request is sent to my application cluster (landing on a random server, lets say server Y, where Y is not X) that has an empty body at a little bit after 10 seconds. Since this request is empty, it fails very quickly and an error is returned to my application from server Y. Both of these requests have the same jsession id and both requests have cookies and request headers. As I changed my Ping timeout setting from 10 to something else I would notice the second request appear just a little bit after that time (ie. when I set it to 1 I saw the 2nd request land about 1.02 seconds later).


      let me know if there is more information that could be useful to solve this.

      Any help would be appreciated and again, thank you for taking the time to read this.