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    Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 11.1.0.GA: JAX-RS Validator doesn't recognize @ApplicationPath annotation




      I'm using Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 11.1.0.GA on Ubuntu 16.04. The following sequence:



      public class CustomerManagementApp extends Application




      Raises the following Eclipse error:


      The Application Path should be configured with an @ApplicationPath annotation or in the web deployment descriptor.


      For some reason the validator "thinks" that the annotation is not present. Of course, compiling the same code outside Eclipse doesn't raise any compilation error and the code works as expected.

      Doing a maven-update or project-clean against the project will sometimes clean the error but as soon as I edit the code, even id I add only an empty line, the error appears again.

      Is that anything wrong here ? Please notice that I'm looking for a real solution so don't suggest to disable the JAX-RS validations.


      Kind regards,