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    [wildfly]jmx call performance degradates a lot from JBoss42 to Wildfly9


      We switch our application server from  JBoss4.2 to wildfly9.0.1 recently. After some testing, we found the JMX call performance degrade a lot.

      Take following test method as example, we use it to send one string array, the array size can vary, and each string length can change.

      public void perfWithStringArray(String[] events)


      It's easy to reproduce in my environment. Start application server (JBoss42 or Wildfly9) in my machine, and then deploy one MBean(notifiableMBeanjboss42.sar for JBoss42, notifiableMBeanwildfly.jar for wildfly) with following simple method.

      public void perfWithStringArray(String[] events) .

      The client (StandaloneMBeanInvoker4JBoss42.java for JBoss42, and StandaloneInvoker.java for wildfly9) is also located in my local machine. Please take a look at the performance data



      The last two columns mean how many event could be handled in one second. You can see the performance degrades a lot.

      Not sure whether wildfly has any setting/configuration that could be modified/tuned to improve the performance.


      The MBean and client code is attached.