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    Chameleon :: executing CLI command

    Matthieu Brouillard Newbie



      is there a way, using chameleon container to execute CLI commands for a wildfly managed target.


      My current setup for the wildfly target is:

      <container qualifier="wildfly" default="true">


         <property name="chameleonTarget">wildfly:${wildfly.version:10.1.0.Final}:managed</property>

         <property name="chameleonDistributionDownloadFolder">${chameleon.distribution.dir}</property>

         <property name="serverConfig">standalone.xml</property>




      The workaround I use so far is to use a remote target, do the download maven side, use wildfly-maven-plugin to execute the server & run CLI commands, then tear down the server.

      This setup complicates a lot the pom file and I am looking for an easier way.


      I could also provide a modified version of the standalone, but this does not scale with multiple wildfly version under test.


      My project already uses LoadableExtension, so if there is a programmatic way it can be an option if stays easier than huge pom file.


      Thanks for any help/hint.