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    Gordon Luk Newbie

      Hi all,

      I write a simple ejb(mostly, like the example), and use the client call it. Client exectly like the example, just lookup other name. But when i run the client, it return following error :

      java.lang.VerifyError: (class: com/sun/corba/ee/internal/javax/rmi/CORBA/Util, method: isLocal signature: (Ljavax/rmi/CORBA/Stub;)Z) Incompatible object argument for function call

      it look like the java lib problem , it that ture?
      my client class path included
      jboss's jaas.jar, ejb.jar,jnp-client.jar, jboss-client.jar, jbosssx-client.jar and jdk131/jre/lib/rt.jar and j2ee's j2ee.jar and include my classes path and the jndi.properties.

      Please help.


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          Verdi March Newbie

          as lib, you'll need:
          jboss-client.jar, jboss-j2ee.jar, jbosssx-client.jar, jndi.jar, jnp-client.jar.

          You don't need j2ee's j2ee.jar cause all necessary classes/interfaces
          already contained in jboss-j2ee.jar.

          Don't forget to supply these properties also:

          Hope that might help.

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            Gordon Luk Newbie

            Yeah, now i just use two jar, one is jboss-client,jar and ejb.jar in EJb client, it work fine.