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    Bind multiple security realms to management interface

    Karl Sorensen Newbie



      I'm running several nodes of Infinispan 8.2.6. 

      As part of an environment refresh process i'm trying to automate the build and configuration process.


      My current build is configured so that the management realm is connected to our LDAP system. 

      When i trigger an automated build I don't want to have to pass it personal account credentials.


      I was hoping that I could create another realm using the mgmt-users files which I could populate with a temporary build user


      When I try and bind the realm to the management-interface it complains that http-interface is being duplicated


                  <http-interface security-realm="LdapRealm" http-upgrade-enabled="true">

                      <socket-binding https="management-https"/>


                  <http-interface security-realm="LocalRealm" http-upgrade-enabled="true">

                      <socket-binding https="management-https"/>




      Does anyone know if it is possible to bind multiple realms to the management interface?


      As a fall back I can probably configure the environment using a local realm to start with and then switch to the LdapRealm right at the very end.  However this will stop me from performing any automated operations in the future.