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    Areogear unifiedPush console is not responding on wildfly11.0.0

    Martin Suhrcke Newbie

      I have installed an aerogear unified push server on my Windows 7-system, did create and update the unifiedpush-database, created a keystore, configured the 'standalone-full.xml' of my wildfly-11.0.0 and finally deployed the 'unifiedpush-server-wildfly.war' beside my 'otherApplication.war'.

      But, although there are no more errors on startup of the JBoss and info 'Deployed "unifiedpush-server-wildfly.war" (runtime-name : "unifiedpush-server-wildfly.war")' is given, the call of the push-server-console by http://localhost:8080/ag-push gives an 404-error.

      The start-commandline of the wildfly is : 'C:\[PathToWildfly]\wildfly-11.0.0.Final\bin\standalone.bat -c standalone-full.xml -Dups.realm.name=aerogear -Dups.auth.server.url= -b'


      What did I miss? Please help!