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    Concurrent access on EntityBean on read only transaction

    Lamouret Newbie

      I'm used JBoss 2.2 with Postgresql 7.1

      I've a servlet, which calls a Stateful SessionBean, which calls some EntityBeans.
      I can instance a lot of SessionBean per client, with access on same EntityBeans.
      One of a method of this SessionBean (called readOnly()) reads only data from the persistence storage with EntityBeans (no update/delete on database, only select request).
      The trouble is that when a client A (associated with an instance A of my SessionBean) call the readOnly method, if another client B makes the same thing on the same time, it appears a LOCKING-WAITING transaction.
      How can i define this method readOnly() with a read only transaction, so that multiple-client could called readOnly() method in the same time, whitout LOCKINF-WAITING transaction ?



      For one method of my SessionBean, I would like to access to EntityBeans with ReadOnly attribute.
      So, when
      How can i do ?