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    Unmarselling error:  Custom object passing to jBPM6.4 from Java RuntimeEngine

    Mahesh Sanapathi Newbie

      I am getting "org.kie.remote.services.exception.KieRemoteServicesDeploymentException: Could not unmarshall user-defined class instance parameter of type 'patientDetails'" when I trying to pass Custom class object from Spring to JBPM 6.4.


      Java Code:



      Map<String,Object> parameter = new HashMap<String,Object>();

      EmployeeDetails details = new EmployeeDetails();


      ........ etc






      Below steps i have followed in jBPM:


      1. I have declared required input object and output object in Work Definition

      2. I have created process variable to that object and declared type as Object

      3. Mapped this object in service task

      4. Created WorkItem Handler and made it as jar and uploaded this jar in Artifact repository, after that added in dependencies section.

      5. Added entry for workitem handler in deployment description section.


      Everything was added but no luck, its giving unmarshalling error. Please help me.



      Note: I can able to get the object in JBPM without any error when i was created equivalent  Data Object and map this object to passing object in business central.


      Is it mandatory to create Data Object for each Value Object (passing this from Spring project), Please help me on this issue  ?



      Thanks in Advance