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    kie-workbench Rest Services

    svasudev g Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      I have a web application where I try to embed kie-workbench process builder and web services in my web application (custom-kie.war) using below maven dependency and deployed my app in Wildfly 10.1.0 server.









      I don't see any issues in deployment and I am able to load process builder without any issues.

      Whenever I try to make a restful web service call to my server it throws 404 error (for example http://localhost:8080/custom-kie/rest/repositories GET).


      Whereas if I deploy kie-wb-webapp.war everything works fine.


      The only difference I see in my server.log is, while deploying my application (custom-kie.war) and kie-wb-webapp is, it doesn't I don't see errai cdi extensions scanning for services.

      00:04:19,923 INFO  [org.jboss.errai.cdi.server.CDIExtensionPoints] (MSC service thread 1-8) starting errai


      Can someone guide me what could be wrong here?

      Is there any way I can see the web services that is deployed in wildfly


      Thanks in advance.