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    Wildfly 10 Application deployment order

    Shekar Reddy Newbie

      wildfly version : wildfly-10.1.0.Final


      1. We have 10 applications that we deploy in wildfly and we do you have dependency between applications.

           Is there a way that we can specify the order of the application deployment ?


      2. We have observed that if we copy all applications in wildfly-10.1.0.Final/standalone/deployments and start the wildfly it starts deploying all applications at once by using different threads.

          Do we have provision to configure to deploy one application at a time?

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          Paramvir Jindal Newbie

          - Create (if it doesn't exist) a jboss-all.xml file in the app.ear/META-INF folder, where app.ear is the application archive that depends on another application archive to be deployed before it is.

          - Make a jboss-deployment-dependencies entry in this file as shown below. Note that in the listing below, framework.ear is the dependency application archive that should be deployed before app.ear application archive is.

          <jboss umlns="urn:jboss:1.0"> 
          <jboss-deployment-dependencies xmlns="urn:jboss:deployment-dependencies:1.0">
               <dependency name="framework.ear" />
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            Shekar Reddy Newbie

            Thank you Jindal for the quick response.


            Do we have any way we can achieve the same by configuring out side the application bundle , i mean to say make some configuration in the wildfly.

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              Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

              WildFly start all applications based on the dependencies.

              What you might do is use managed deployments (use CLI to deploy instead of drop the archive into deployments folder) and use deployment overlay for each application to add the jboss-all.xml with CLI to not change the application.

              Another way would be to trigger the deployments manually after starting the server via CLI commands.