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    JavaScript file changes not reflecting or updating in jboss eap 6.4

    Nitin Lokhande Newbie

      I did changes in my abc.js file which is used in one of my def.jsp file.


      After deployment in my local jboss server abc.js changes working ok.


      However if I deploy on my development environment linux server then changes are not reflected.

      Debugged in IE developer tools, Source of abc.js is not getting updated and shows previous one.


      Options Tried:

      Delete work folder from tmp on managed servers, After this redeploy.

      Delete local IE files. To ensure its not browser issue, Install opera but still my abc.js file getting loaded old one and not new one.

      Verified ear: it has latest js file.


      similar issue earlier faced and if we add js functions in jsp file then it works. I do not want to do this always and want to know why js file changes not getting updated.

      It will be great help if you have any inputs for this issue I am facing.