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    How I use the the org.jboss.dmr.ModelNode to add the filter of operation "list-messages-as-json"

    Brian Bao Newbie

      I want to add the JMSTimestamp filter to retrieve the messages of queue,

      the code I wrote like as

      final ModelNode listQueueOperation = createModelNode();
      listQueueOperation.get(ClientConstants.OP).set("list-messages-as-json(filter=JMSTimestamp > "+startedTime+")");

      it reports error

      No operation named 'list-messages-as-json(filter=JMSTimestamp > 1512350812

      632)' exists at address [

          (\"subsystem\" => \"messaging\"),

          (\"hornetq-server\" => \"default\"),

          (\"jms-queue\" => \"ClusteredFirstDLQ\")


      I could run the CLI command as "/subsystem=messaging/hornetq-server=default/jms-queue=ClusteredFirstDLQ/:list-messages-as-json(filter=JMSTimestamp>1512355815613)" successfully,

      Could anybody give me an example to add this filter?