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    Dynamic signal names

    Rodrigo Rodriguez Gutierrez Newbie



      I will describe a problem I found weeks ago, and now I think I have found a solution. It is about signals.


      I had read that you could use as signal name "signal_#{variable}", so you could create catchs in the same process definition with different names, depending on the value of "variable".


      When I saw this option, I tried like this:


      It looks like it cannot evaluate class methods in this case.

      My solution: create a new process variable and set that Id before the signal catch


      However, I tried by using just a variable (like in the first case), and it worked great.


      NOTE 1: I am using the plugin of Eclipse for modeling, and it does not allow you to write "#" or "{}" in the signal name, so I had to go to the .xml and edit it.

      NOTE 2: This is not a complain (sorry if it looks like), just want to let you know about it, so it can be fixed maybe in next versions, because it took me a while to find the reason. Maybe this is not the best place post this, so I would thank if you could show me where.