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    Deprecation of Errai JPA


      In the recent PR I saw that Errai JPA will be removed in v5 - Removed dom4j dependency from core Errai by hrstoyanov · Pull Request #319 · errai/errai · GitHub


      I assume this is referencing the docs.jboss.org/errai/latest/errai/reference/html_single/#sid-54493688?

      Why isn't it marked deprecated? Is the recommended to use JsInterop instead?

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          It is marked as deprecated in the docs for our recent releases: Errai Reference Guide


          Unfortunately I've had issues publishing the docs for our latest release and snapshots. I'm working on a fix and I apologise for the confusion this has caused.


          We do not have a specific replacement to recommend. The deprecation of Errai JPA is largely because we don't have the man-power to migrate it to use annotation processors. Using JsInterop with local storage would be my best suggestion.

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            Max, thank you for the explanation, I just wish I known that a month ago when I used it

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              So errai is slowly dying. What are the plans of switching off other features?