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    Is it possible to flush an IronJacamar XA connection pool programatically from within the running process ? (Without using CLI or Management interface)

    Michael Moorman Newbie

      Hi all


      We are running JBoss EAP 7 and have the following scenario:


      Database has planned maintenance and sends a signal to JBoss cluster (Using oracle FAN) indicating that one of the cluster nodes would like to be shut down


      In response to this event, JBoss needs to gracefully flush all connections in the relevant connection pool.


      We cannot see a way to do this currently outside of invoking the CLI or management ui for JBoss. Currently we have a less than ideal solution of invoking the jboss-cli.sh shell script from the running JBoss process, which in turn invokes a call like:


      jboss-cli.sh --connect --controller=remoting://`hostname -i`:$portNumber commands="/host=$hostName/server=$serverName/subsystem=datasources/$dsType=$dsName/:$flushStrategy".



      Is there any way to get a handle to the ManagedConnectionPool object from within the running JBoss process?