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    Sending JMS messages from Willdfly to Websphere MQ

    John Smiths Newbie

      Hi all,


      I need to integrate Wildfly and Websphere MQ. I don't know details yet, but I have general assumption "Websphere MQ will be reachable through a Netscaler, using the AMQP protocol"

      So, I need to send JMS messages from Wildfly to Websphere MQ. I need your suggestion which way of doing this will be the best.

      Should I implement special client or maybe there are some libraries that allow me to do this easier (I found MQ Light Client but I don't know if this solution is the most appropriate for my needs)

      Maybe exists some solution which is similar to JMS bridge which allow integrate servers (but this solution does not use AMQP protocol).

      I will be grateful for advise what solution should be take into consideration.


      Thanks in advance for help