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    far Newbie

      Is there somewhere a Jboss EJX that support ejb 2.0?

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          Andreas Schaefer Apprentice

          EJX is deprecated and is not supported anymore.

          Sorry - Andy

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            far Newbie

            thanks for the reply
            ...strange! Jboss claims to the head of the heard but has no tools !

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              Andreas Schaefer Apprentice

              Strange, you get an full-fledge application server and you still not satisfied !

              Right now there is not standard for a management protocol (JSR-77 will provide this but no public release right now) and also for deployment (JSR-88).

              Therefore we are waiting until this is public and then implement it.


              • 4. XDoclet
                Marcus Brito Novice

                I strongly suggest you to take a look at XDoclet ( http://xdoclet.sourceforge.net ). It takes care of generating your interfaces and deployment descriptors. Teaming with ant, you have a complete tool set for deployment.

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                  Martin Stepanek Newbie

                  Is it possible to generate fully EJB 2.0 compliant beans with XDoclet to use them with JBoss 3.0?

                  I've tried to create such beans with XDoclet, but I couldn't find the way, how to do it:
                  1) It didn't create local interfaces, even if there was a task for that.
                  2) It always declared persistent fields as variables instead as abstract setters and getters.

                  This was the reason why I moved to EJBCreator, although it doesn't offer such a freedom as XDoclet.


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                    Manuel Alzola Newbie

                    I´ve had no problems with local interfaces, only with relations. I´m told this are solved in current cvs. Another problem is jboss support for jbosscmp-jdbc.xml. Also solved in current cvs. I´m told release 1.1 will soon be available
                    Manuel Alzola

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                      Martin Stepanek Newbie


                      The local interfaces are OK -- it was my fault.

                      Oh my God, but I still can't comprehend, why instead of standard CMP 2.0 beans {0}Bean with getter and setter methods like

                      public abstract String getText();
                      public abstract void setText(String text);

                      I get some {0}CMP with

                      public java.lang.String text;

                      which is CMP 1.1 feature, not CMP 2.0 compliant.

                      Maybe I missed something, didn't I?
                      Maybe XDoclet isn't fully EJB 2.0 compliant...

                      Have a nice weekend

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                        John Casebow Newbie

                        > EJX is deprecated and is not supported anymore.
                        > Sorry - Andy

                        It might have been nice to update the docs at some point...