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    SecurityConfigurationEvent doesn't fire


      Authentication not works.



      jdk 1.8.0_152

      wildfly 11

      maven 3.5



      parent pom project with wildfly bom and picketlink bom

      modules: ear, ejb, war


      In war project

      1) added dependencies to jsf, cdi, pickitlink

      2) added all from jboss-picketlink-quickstarts/picketlink-authentication-form-with-jsf/


      project successfully compiled, packaged and run with wildfly plugin

      pages shown correctly


      but without authentication

      no form

      no log messages


      a have added logger.info into  HttpSecurityConfiguration


        public void onInit(@Observes SecurityConfigurationEvent event) {


        SecurityConfigurationBuilder builder = event.getBuilder();




      but no messages in log


      What could I miss?