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    Using JBossWS with Apache CXF-Client and HTTPS


      Dear friends of JBoss,


      I have some servlets in JBoss (EAP 7 WITH CXF), which call a SOAP-Webservice over HTTPS. I've therfore generated JAX-WS-classes based on WSDL-file using wsimport tool. These classes do not depend on CXF.

      Now I have to setup TLS because the webservice I want to call requires client certificate for authentication. The only way I found ti do this is using CXF-API inside my servlet:


      HTTPConduit httpConduit = (HTTPConduit) ClientProxy.getClient(port).getConduit();





      It is not very nice way for me, because, my application would get hard dependency on CXF libraries.


      Now my question: is there a way to setupTLS parameter for a WS-client by only using configuration files?  I've read that JBossWS CXF Integration can be used for this, but not found instructions in detail. 

      Could You give me some pointers?


      Thanks a lot!