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    Warp with Tomcat 7, arquillian.container.configuration in example doesn't exist

    Sebastien Tardif Newbie

      Using official examples at GitHub - arquillian/arquillian-extension-warp: Warp fills the void between client-side and server-side testing. ,  if I try to run with: mvn test -Dintegration=tomcat7 it fail because of:






      That dependencies doesn't exist anywhere. It even fail if I don't care about JSF, meaning if I try to run test not using JSF like arquillian-warp-ftest project.


      If I remove that config above, then Tomcat start but everything else hang, the tests are waiting for something.


      I don't know how to construct myself a arquillian.container.configuration that will work with Warp and Tomcat 7.


      My end goal is to provide my own implementation of jsf on for a managed tomcat 7 instance,.