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    Per-host or per-deployment subsystem configuration

    Tiago Matias Newbie



      I have a number of demo environments that I would like to setup for different groups of customers. These would contain the same deployment apps (WAR's) but requiring different configurations. currently I'm using:

      * 3 datasources (accessed by JNDI) per application (so each environment would need different databases)

      * some Naming/JNDI simple bindings which would need to be different by environment.

      * one activeMQ queue for environment, also identified via JNDI.


      Would it be possible, on Wildfly 11, to configure the Naming, Datasources and ActiveMQ subsystems on a non-global manner ? Maybe by either configuring the subsystems on a server, host or deployment level? I don't mind having multiple Server or Hosts definitions with different network ports (8080, 8081, etc...)


      I know that I can setup multiple instances of standalone running on the same machine, each with a different configuration file, but I would realy like to use the same Wildfly instance to manage this scenario. Is this at all possible ?


      Thank you,