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    JBoss Studio V 10.4- Could not open Visual Page Editor


      Using JBoss Studio 10.4 on ubuntu.  Visual Page Editor is not working correctly.  Can use Visual/Source or Preview.  Get following error:


      org.jboss.tools.vpe.xulrunner.XulRunnerException: You currently have Visual editor configured to have better HTML5 experience. If you want to see preview for JSF pages please change Visual Editor Browser Engine to JSF option in <a href="#">Visual Page Editor Preferences</a> and restart Eclipse.

          at org.jboss.tools.vpe.xulrunner.browser.XulRunnerBrowser.ensureEmbeddedXulRunnerIsNotDisabledByDialog(XulRunnerBrowser.java:286)


      When I click on Visual Page Editor Preferences. Visual Editor Browser Engine, everything is grayed out, but states "Switching Visual Editor engine is not available under GTK3 or when embedded XULRunner is disabled.


      Not sure how to proceed. Any help is greatly appreciated.