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    Reference Credential Store Programmatically


      Hello, I am using Wildfly 11.0.0 and I have created a credential store with a couple of aliases.  One of the aliases is my database password and I reference it in the datasource subsystem in standalone.xml similar to the following:


        <credential-reference store="myCS" alias="datasourcePW"/>


      I have some startup classes that I need to run as a specific user.  This user may not be the same for all deployments so I will obtain the username from a properties file but I would like to obtain the password from the credential store.  Is it possible to obtain the password from the credential store programmatically?  The following is the snippet of code from my startup class.


      final org.wildfly.security.auth.server.SecurityDomain securityDomain = org.wildfly.security.auth.server.SecurityDomain.getCurrent();
      final SecurityIdentity securityIdentity = securityDomain.authenticate( userNameFromPropFile, new PasswordGuessEvidence( passwordFromCredentialStore ) );
      Callable<Void> callable = () ->
        return null;
      securityIdentity.runAs( callable );


      Thank you

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          I think this is a bad idea, because you're storing the DB password in plain text on the disk for an attacker to find.


          Is there reason why you don't want to use a KeyStore?

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            I do not believe the DB password is stored in plain text.  It appears to be encrypted in a file on disk.  I used the following command to create the credential store.  Once the credential store was created, I added the datasource password.


            jboss-cli.bat --connect
            /subsystem=elytron/credential-store=myCS:add(location=myCS.storage, relative-to=jboss.server.data.dir, credential-reference={clear-text="myPassword"}, create=true)
            /subsystem=elytron/credential-store=myCS:add-alias(alias=datasourcePW, secret-value=myDBPassword)

            When I open the credential store file, it clearly appears to be encrypted.

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              Oh, I see. I misread datasourcePW as databasePW.


              store means keystore, as the file should just be a JKS. Try loading it with a KeyStore program like KeyStore explorer.


              If you're able to open it, then just use Oracle's KeyStore class to open and retrieve the credentials.

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                I found this code snippet at https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly/blob/master/testsuite/shared/src/main/java/org/wildfly/test/security/servlets/ReadCredentialServlet.java.

                The code below will allow me to obtain a password from a credential store.


                import org.jboss.as.server.CurrentServiceContainer;
                import org.jboss.msc.service.ServiceContainer;
                import org.jboss.msc.service.ServiceController;
                import org.jboss.msc.service.ServiceName;
                import org.wildfly.security.credential.PasswordCredential;
                import org.wildfly.security.credential.store.CredentialStore;
                import org.wildfly.security.credential.store.CredentialStoreException;
                import org.wildfly.security.evidence.PasswordGuessEvidence;
                import org.wildfly.security.password.Password;
                import org.wildfly.security.password.interfaces.ClearPassword;
                private static final ServiceName SERVICE_NAME_CRED_STORE = ServiceName.of("org", "wildfly", "security", "credential-store");
                String credentialStore = "myCS";
                String alias = "datasourcepw";
                String clearPassword = null;
                ServiceContainer registry = CurrentServiceContainer.getServiceContainer();
                List<ServiceName> services = registry.getServiceNames();
                ServiceController<?> credStoreService = registry.getService(ServiceName.of(SERVICE_NAME_CRED_STORE, credentialStore));
                CredentialStore cs = (CredentialStore) credStoreService.getValue();
                  if( cs.exists( alias, PasswordCredential.class ) )
                    Password password = cs.retrieve( alias, PasswordCredential.class ).getPassword();
                    if( password instanceof ClearPassword )
                      clearPassword = new String( ((ClearPassword) password).getPassword() );
                      logger.debug( "CLEAR PASSWORD: " + clearPassword );
                catch( CredentialStoreException | IllegalStateException e )
                  System.out.println( "Unable to retrieve password  from credential store", e );
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                  I have basically the same question. Using the JBoss vault we are able to access passwords from the vault using the org.jboss.security.vault.SecurityVaultUtil class:


                  if (SecurityVaultUtil.isVaultFormat(password)) {

                       decryptedStr = SecurityVaultUtil.getValueAsString(password);

                  } else {

                       decryptedStr = password;



                  Is there anything provided in WildFly11 that does the same thing for a credential store - or do we have to go to the lengths above to access a credential store?

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                    ok, found code in the credential store source on github:


                    wildfly-elytron/KeystorePasswordStoreTest.java at master · wildfly-security/wildfly-elytron · GitHub


                    that allows us to access a store:


                    Provider provider = new WildFlyElytronProvider();


                    CredentialStore store = CredentialStore.getInstance(KeyStoreCredentialStore.KEY_STORE_CREDENTIAL_STORE);

                    Map<String, String> attributes = new HashMap<>();

                    attributes.put("keyStoreType", "JCEKS");

                    attributes.put("location", "test.jceks");

                    CredentialSourceProtectionParameter protection = new CredentialSourceProtectionParameter(

                    IdentityCredentials.NONE.withCredential(new PasswordCredential(

                    ClearPassword.createRaw(ClearPassword.ALGORITHM_CLEAR, "password".toCharArray()))));

                    store.initialize(attributes, protection);

                    store.retrieve("alias", PasswordCredential.class);