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    Generation of stubs and skeletons


      I want to contribute to JBOSS development ..and I have started by studying the source code of JBOSS.I am fin ding difficulty in understanding how and when the remote stubs and skeletons of ejb classes are generated.As per the manual the ejb-jar file created contains only standard jar file containing only the standard ejb and other dependent classes.It does not contain stubs and skeletons.So ,between the point at which standard jar file is created and the point at which the ejb is deployed the stubs and skeletons must be generated somehow.(For example,in WebLogic first we create a standard ejb jar file and then use ejbc command to create another jar file containing corresponding stubs and skeletons.And it is this second jar file only which gets deployed on server)

      Can anybody pls tell me what part of JBOSS code handles the creation of stubs and skeletons for ejb classes?

      Answer to this question will help me in getting off to a quick start

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          Peet Denny Newbie

          Only a beginner to this myself but...
          Jboss doesh't create stubs and skeletons in the way that other App servers do. It instead uses dynamic proxies.
          THis means that you only need the standard client jars (jboss-client.jar,jnp-client.jar,jaas.jar, and any others depending on your requirements) on your classpath, since they contain the only stubs you'll ever need.
          So we communicate with the server in a generic way, and the server will set up a dynamic proxy for us, one for each bean type.
          That's about the extent of my knowledge, hope that points you in the right direction.

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            MANISH MUKUND Newbie


            Thanx a lot for such a prompt reply as I was so badly stuck in the problem.Actually even I had a feeling that there is no generation of stubs and skeletons in JBOSS as in other application servers ...but I wanted somebody to confirm my knowledge.Now it would be easier for me to proceed further.Though I must say this dynamic proxies stuff makes things more complex and I would love to delve into it further and sort out how exactly those dynamic proxies are set up at run time

            So thanx again and be in touch as..

            since you are as much a fresher as I am on JBOSS it would be of great help if we keep throwing queries at each other and keep sorting them out....just to fasten the learning pace