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    I love Wildfly - looking for others

    scorcher14x Newbie

      I use Wildfly for projects both big and small. I find it vastly superior to other app server tech for a long list of reasons. However, I often have clients and customers that hear and read about other platforms (Node, Tomcat, Wordpress, ...) and find myself having to explain why Wildfly is better, which often gets into technical detail my customer doesn't understand (EJB pooling, transaction management, async calls, scheduling, etc.)


      I would like find like-minded developers with whom I can share info and experiences to help make my case for Wildfly. It might be the ability to point to examples (e.g., "Here's a well-known company that uses it."), references to great articles, or performance stats.


      I would love to hear from you, and how / where you are using Wildfly. If you can point to articles that are accessible to non-technical readers (business users) that would be awesome, too.