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    Support for failover JDBC realms in Elytron?


      I have two sites, each site has a host controller and a non-XA datasource. Via the database bi-directional multi-master replication is being performed to keep the data on both sides consistent. My application running is clustered and I would like the authentication/authorization process to fail to my secondary datasource if the first one is down.



      • I have two JDBC realms defined (these are verified working, if I manually configure them as the default realm in the security domain).
      • I have one security domain defined that uses one of the JDBC realms as the default realm
        • In the "realms" configuration for the security domain, I have both JDBC realms defined


      Given the above setup, only the default realm will be contacted for authentication/authorization. The secondary JDBC realm is not contacted if the primary is unavailable.


      I assume this is a supported setup, it worked with WildFly 10 before I used Elytron - what can I do to fix this in Elytron?