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    Wildfly semicolon in cookie stripping

    Mahesh Pachigolla Newbie



      I was trying to upgrade from jboss 6.1 and Wildfly 10.0


      I am setting the below cookie to java servlet response


      set-cookie=JSESSIONID=Txx_ViSHTK6dPlKAmDSiq3YavD-9MiKACkxLWQWC.ppq02; path=/abc.processor;null


      but while reading the cookies using HttpServletRequest.getCookies() always returns as null.


      but if i change the cookie to


      set-cookie=JSESSIONID=Txx_ViSHTK6dPlKAmDSiq3YavD-9MiKACkxLWQWC.ppq02  or set-cookie=JSESSIONID=Txx_ViSHTK6dPlKAmDSiq3YavD-9MiKACkxLWQWC.ppq02 path=/abc.processor null  (without semi colon) its working good.


      Do we need to add any other configuration to support semicolon as well.


      environment & configuration changes.

      Java version: 1.8.x

      added allow-equals-in-cookie-value="true" in http-listener.


      Any help is much appreciated.


      Thank you