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    Wildfly architecture

    Hatim B Newbie


      i have questions regarding the software architecture of wildfly could you please direct me where i can ask and find answers



      thank you in advanced.

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          Tomaz Cerar Master

          you will need to be bit more specific about your question.


          architecture of what?

          service container?




          management backebone



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            Hatim B Newbie

            i am a member of students group and we are doing a research on wildfly software patterns and we are asked to contact the community to find answers to our questions . the patterns we found are 1-MVC 2-layered pattern 3-Shared Repository 4-Interceptor 5-Broker 6-Factory  is it right ? are there more?



            Among other things, key drivers are used to quantify the top-priority quality attributes of a software project. For wildfly we have found the following keydrivers,  "Security", "Performance" ,"Reliability" and "Adaptability". Do you as experts feel this is an accurate  representation for wildfly key drivers?



            thank you in advanced.