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    Running HTTP2 with Openssl on eap 7.1

    Rahul Malviya Newbie

      Hello People,



      I am testing HTTP/2 feature of EAP 7.1.

      I have successfully tested it with Oracle JDK (Which uses ALPN implementation provided with JBOSS 7.1)


      Now wanted the HTTP/2 feature it with OpenSSL libraries.


      I am following this KB article for that  - https://access.redhat.com/articles/3081901


      After reading through the KB article, I am unable to figure out how to get that working.


      Could someone please help me understand

      - Does one need to have OpenSSL  installed as pre-req on the system, in addition to openssl libraries provided by JBoss core services?

      - Also, how do we install openssl libraries provided by the jboss core services? As per the KB, one can download a zip distribution or using JBoss Core Services OpenSSL RPM distribution. Neither could I find the zip distribution in the software downloads page, nor does running the "yum install jbcs-httpd24-openssl" installs the distribution on the system (just gives nothing to install message).


      Would appreciate if anybody has any input to fix this problem.


      Please help.





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          Jan Stourac Newbie

          Hi Rahul,


          if that is still relevant; regarding to your questions:

          - the OpenSSL is not required on the system as a prerequisite. EAP just needs to utilize OpenSSL libraries which you can get either from zip archive or rpm installation as is described in that KB article or in documentation Configuration Guide - Red Hat Customer Portal.

          - this is strange - when I click on "Software downloads" link, I am navigated directly to the section with JBCS OpenSSL downloads. Regarding to the RPM installation - do you have jb-coreservices-1-for-rhel-6-server-rpms or jb-coreservices-1-for-rhel-7-server-rpms RPM repository enabled as is mentioned in that KB? You can check with: 'yum repolist' command.

          Note: basically you can use libraries from any decent OpenSSL version as it should still work. But only those OpenSSL libraries that are provided by JBCS project are officially supported and tested.