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    LDAP datasource config? (8.2.1 Final)

    Stephan van Beerschoten Newbie

      I am trying to setup an LDAP datasource in WildFly 8.2.1 Final (required because of software compatibility). I want to move connection setup and pooling out of my code, and into the AS if at all possible.


      I haven't been able to find a stable setup. I am able to use <external-context>, and access my LDAP resource that way by looking up the JNDI. Unfortunately that connection is subject to CommunicationExceptions and SocketExceptions that aren't remedied by the AS. Nothing is reconnected automatically.


      I can't seem to setup a datasource connection pool because that entire module seems to be tailored to JDBC only.


      Any suggestions on how I can get a stable LDAP data source, one way or another?