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    Wildfly 8.2 Domain-Master/Slave w/ Apache, Socket Problems

    Sebastian S Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      I'm using Wildfly 8.2 in a Domain-Master/Slave setup with Apache (Wildfly plugins) as the load-balancer/cluster-announcer and I have problems with the connectivity.

      Within each firewall I added exceptions for the Ports/Protocolls, from the Socket Binding Groups.


      Within the Managment Interface (:9990) everything works fine, Master and Slave find each other and can be deployed and so on.

      But for some reason, Apache on the Domain-Master fails to recognize the Domain-Slaves in his group (also seen in :10001/mod_cluster-manager).


      When I deactivate all firewalls, Apache starts working correctly and displays all active nodes.

      Therefore my assumption is that for the working of Wildfly/Apache, there are more open ports needed than defined in the Socket Binding Groups.


      Please help me specifying the additional needed ports.



      kind regards,