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    Need help on configuring specific attributes of messaging topics

    George Turner Novice

      The docs are very confusing for this, as many still point to the hornet or jboss versions.

      Here is what I currently have in standalone-full.xml:

      <address-setting name="jms.topic.Clients" address-full-policy="DROP"/>

      <address-setting name="Clients" address-full-policy="DROP"/>

      <address-setting name="jms.topic.SitePenSSEInitial" address-full-policy="PAGE" page-size-bytes="10485760"/>

      <address-setting name="SitePenSSEInitial" address-full-policy="PAGE" page-size-bytes="10485760"/>

      <address-setting name="#" dead-letter-address="jms.queue.DLQ" expiry-address="jms.queue.ExpiryQueue" max-size-bytes="104857600"
         message-counter-history-day-limit="10" address-full-policy="BLOCK"/>


      It should make sense what I am "trying" to do, but it is not clear if "name" should be the "jms.topc.xxxx" value, OR, just the topic name itself.

      And the docs say that name should be a wildcard like "#", but I need different topics to either PAGE or DROP, I don't want these topics to BLOCK.


      Any help from someone who has ACTUALLY DONE THIS would be great.  If you are just pointing me to docs, please don't bother.