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    Infinispan TimeoutException ISPN000476

    ddyl Newbie

      I am experiencing Embedded InfiniSpan cache issue where nodes timeout on re-joining the cluster.


          Caused by: org.infinispan.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: ISPN000476: Timed out waiting for responses for request 7 from vvshost

          at org.infinispan.remoting.transport.impl.SingleTargetRequest.onTimeout(SingleTargetRequest.java:64)

          at org.infinispan.remoting.transport.AbstractRequest.call(AbstractRequest.java:86)

          at org.infinispan.remoting.transport.AbstractRequest.call(AbstractRequest.java:21)


      The only way I can get the node to re-join is to switch off the cache and delete all local cache persistence files.


      Here is the configuration which I am using:



      • TransportConfigurationBuilder - defaultClusteredBuild
      • JMX Statistics - Enabled
      • Duplicate domains - Allowed



      Cache Manager:


      • Manager Class - EmbeddedCacheManager
      • Memory - Memory Size: 0
      • Persistence: Single File Store
      • async: disabled
      • Clustering Cache Mode - CacheMode.DIST_SYNC
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          AnupKumar Dey Expert

          - Verify via JMX if the MBeans Cache ->StateTransferManger->rebalancingStatus = COMPLETE. If you get the error even after state-transfer is complete, try increasing the value of remote-timeout in your <replicated-cache /> configuration. The value of remote-timeout is "15000" milliseconds by default. Increase the timeout until you stop getting the error.