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    SFSB instantiation fails without any exeption

    Andreas Schouten Newbie


      we are using jBoss 2.4.3/Jetty on linux 2.4.8, blackdown jdk 1.3.1.

      Recurrently the server stops creation of stateful session beans without any exception or message. All outher pages, which need no sfsb, are processed correct after this error but sfsb's nor instantiated if we wait a long time. We have to sutdown the server.

      This appaers after the server creates about 180 sfsb's in its lifetime. We controled the lifecycle of the beans and are shure that they are removed correctly. When the server fails, only a few bean instancas are alive.

      We also observed this only on linux not on nt but checked also that no ulimit is exceeded.

      Has anyone obseved this behavior before?