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    RestEasy Proxy Client Bean Validation Support

    Jens Meiß Newbie



      i googled for hours now but didn't find any solution and maybe the entire features isn't available at all.




      * we have a few microservices

      * each service have a jax-rs 2.0 api which contains our endpoint and dto definitions

      * the dto's contain validation anotations like @NotNull or @Min, @Max and so on

      * the api is implemented on server side with resteasy and spring

      * on client side we use the resteasy proxy client with the service api


      Is there a way to tell the resteasy proxy client to validate the retrieved data with the anotations in the DTO's? All examples i have found are just on server side for @Post anotated methods. Since most of our clients are just using GET methods to retrieve data from the service there is no such validation, so it's possible that a client retrieve data from a service which did not fit to the specification in the DTO's (for example a property marked with @NotNull is null caused by a bug on server side).


      Maybe i'm on a complete wrong path, but maybe i just didn't find the right documentation for this ...



      thx in advance