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    User Transactions in Wildfly-11.0.0.Final

    Rajesh Belavadi Newbie

                We are trying to test our application with Wildfly-11.0.0.Final.

      As part of this we are having issues using user transaction's. During commit

      of user transaction we get the exception :


      Remote exception java.lang.SecurityException: WFTXN0088: User anonymous does not have

      permission ("org.wildfly.transaction.client.RemoteTransactionPermission" "")


          Full Exception trace is attached in exception_stack.txt along with the

      standalone.xml used. If we use security-realm="ApplicationRealm" as part of

      http-connector definition THERE ARE NO issues. However we don't want

      to associate any realms with http-connector as we have our own methods of authenticating

      users via API calls. Only when security-realm IS ABSENT as part of http-connector

      definition this exception is thrown. This was working fine in earlier versions of


         Other attachments for illustrating this issue are  :

             TestUserTransaction.java : Simple test client using the user transaction

             usertransaction.zip : Simple EJB used by the Test client.


          Kindly advice on how to go about this in Wildfly-11.0.0.Final.