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    WildFly 10 Host for RemoteConnectionFactory

    Carl Walker Newbie



      Is there a way to control the address that's returned from the JMS RemoteConnectionFactory?  I have a deployment that's binding to a DNS name (jboss.binding.address) and is working for HTTP traffic including EJB remoting.  However, it seems like the JMS RemoteConnectionFactory being returned is based on an IP rather than the name.  Is there a way for me to either have WF return a hostname or to have the client force a hostname?


      This is the error that I'm getting.


      Caused by: ActiveMQNotConnectedException[errorType=NOT_CONNECTED message=AMQ119007: Cannot connect to server(s). Tried with all available servers.]


      I think this might be what I'm trying to do: [AMQ-3042] Default broker name to be machine's hostname - ASF JIRA .  It seems like I should be able to set this in standalone-full[.]xml.  Maybe there's something like a <servers> element I can add?


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