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    Random caching issues with application deployed on Jboss 6.4

    Vishal suri Newbie

      We have migrated an existing java based application from jboss 5 to jboss 6.4 with other technology stack from java 1.6 to 1.8 and RHEL to version 7.3. One issue which has popped up is :


      "Some of the screens are opening with multiple screen names(some time single, some times 2,3,4,5) on the same screen. This also has other side effects also and seems it is related "

      When cache from internet explorer is cleaned where application is opened, the screen works fine for first time. 2nd or 3rd time when we open the screen , issue pops up again.


      That is not the case with application on jboss 5. works perfectly fine.


      Is there setting on jboss 6.4  level so as to always read the jsp's from server and  not from internet explorer cache or any other solution?


      I have spent days looking into the issue and didn't find any issue with application.


      any help pls