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    JBPM , Storing and retriving static data from database without creating a new process

    Mubasher Usman Newbie

      Folks, I am learning JBPM and I want to know about storing static data and retrieving it.


      I have a list of Cities. I want to store this list into JBPM as static data which normally did not change. This is first time entry. Then I want to expose a rest Api which will ask jbpm to give static cities.

      One possible way I can think is to make a small process. having one instance created. call this process and it will fetch the data from database.

      This needs a seperate process other than master workflow process.

      Is there a way to save static data into master workflow and call some api?

      Or is there a way to expose a persistent entity object as variable of process and exposed as Rest API?

      May be I am mixing JBPM with conventional Web Service methods, So I need help from JBPM-7 experts.

      Please If You did not understand my question, ASk me in comments to further elaborate in anyway.

      Thank You