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    jBoss3.0 and XDoclet

    Dmitri Romanovski Newbie

      I've started now a new application based on EJB2.0 with jBoss3.0alpha. My problem is that I can't found any examples for XDoclet usage with jBoss3 for CMP2.x Entity EJBs. If anybody have such example, please help!!! Especially I need examples for CMR fields (1:1, 1:n and n:m).

      Thanks in advance,


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          Manuel Alzola Newbie

          I´ve been told on xdoclet mailing list that current release 1.0.1 doesn´t fully support jboss 3.0 cmp, becouse it still generates jaws.xml instead of jboss-cmp.xml and also relations do not work. I think current cvs solves this, but docs are out of sync. A new release is coming soon.