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    Wildfly 10 & 11 performance issue compared with GlassFish

    Agron Ferizi Newbie



      I'm running a J2EE application on WildFly 10 and PostgreSQL 9.6 integrated using data-sources and JPA. When running a certain function (listing all sales agents and their balance) I get a huge delay (~10 seconds) in loading the results. When I execute the same function on GlassFish 4.2.1 application server the results are loaded much faster (2 seconds). One strange thing I noticed while monitoring the DB server, when I execute the function via Wildfly I get ~2000 transactions/second and when I execute it with GlassFish I get ~500 transactions / second.


      On Wildfly, I have tried to change many configuration parameters (to increase the heap memory allocation, data source connection pool number of threads and buffer cache size, IO parameters) but still the same situation, whereas, on GlassFish, I'm using the default settings. I also tried to deploy the application on Wildfly 11 and still the same issue.


      I'm also checking the HW performance and I don't seen any bottleneck (I have 1GB of free RAM and CPU is 80% idle)


      Is there somthing I'm missing?