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    Try to disable return value from cache

    Moshe Latin Newbie



      I am using infinispan 9.1.3 as remote server .


      in the client side i use JCache


      client code example  :


      Properties properties = new Properties();

      properties.setProperty("infinispan.client.hotrod.server_list", "");

      properties.put("infinispan.client.hotrod.force_return_values", false);

      CacheManager cacheManager = Caching.getCachingProvider("org.infinispan.jcache.remote.JCachingProvider").getCacheManager(null, null, properties);

      Cache<Object, Object> clustered = cacheManager.getCache("default");

      clustered.put(1L, "Moshe");


      after tuning the put i am getting a log message in the server :

      WARN  [org.infinispan.server.hotrod.Decoder2x] (HotRod-ServerWorker-3-6) ISPN006011: Operation 'PUT' forced to return previous value should be used on transactional caches, otherwise data inconsistency issues could arise under failure situations


      after debuging i can see infinispan in class AbstractJCache put(BasicCache<K, V> cache, BasicCache<K, V> createCheckCache,K key, V value, boolean isPutIfAbsent) {



      do :

      V prev = createCheckCache.get(key);



      My qustion how i can disable the return value from cache from what i read it expensive in performance .....